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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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game 7 odds of the warriors advancing to the finals next.
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missing father and daughtert live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 11:00 p.m. divers recover the bodies of a missing father and daughter last seen in the bay area. tonight their family is asking for answers as authorities investigate why they disappeared. good evening. kpix 5's joe vazquez has more on what the family is saying tonight. >> reporter: the mystery is over but the ending is awful. a father and his daughter appear to have driven off a bridge into the sacramento river to their death. >> boater spotted the body of a small child today in walnut grove. 30 minutes south of sacramento. it is believed to be the one- year-old but the medical examiner hasn't formally
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identified her. divers recovered the body of the father saturday night. the grandmother doesn't want to believe it. >> we would want me out here till there is confirmation of the baby. >> reporter: they have been trying to get the attention of law enforcement since the baby went missing. they were last seen here in the bay area, he was driving up to sacramento when they disappeared. >> new set of questions yesterday. in my mind. new set of questions. no closure. >> reporter: last night the sheriff's department says their radar spotted a large object. probably the car. sacramento county officials say they found tracks that appear to show a car going off the bridge. they say no evidence of foul play. joe vazquez, kpix 5. new tonight at 11:00 p.m. a new arrest in the murder
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case. an hour ago officials announced they have arrested a 20-year- old. the charge, conspiracy after the fact. two people were attacked. one stabbed to death. another shot. the shooting victim survived. they were all students at novato high school. despite the arrest officials are still looking for a third suspect in the murder. investigators have called off the search for pearl pinson the teen kidnapped last week. this weekend search crews and the family scoured and found nothing. she was last seen wednesday morning dragged into a car by an armed man. fernando castro was killed in a police shoot out on thursday. 7 people injured following a crash in san francisco this evening. mese say four cars were involved and one of the --
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police say four cars were involved and one of the victims is in critical condition. a rescue after a car veered off a cliff today. police and fire rescue teams worked to pull two teens out from the bottom of the ravine. officials say the teens were lucky they had two crews to help them out. >> we had a team on top. who was in charge of the systems and a rescue team below. they were able to go down the embankment and provide the care they needed, and get them ready to be extricated. >> they were airlifted to the hospital. fans gearing up for tomorrow, the sharks competing for the stanley cup for the first timeane quarter century. -- time in a quarter century and the warriors in game 7
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against the thunder in the nba playoffs. marina m -- maria medina joins us. >> reporter: tickets went on sale tonight at 5:00 p.m. they went for a couple hundred dollars but for many, they are deciding to go to a bar like the one behind me. >> reporter: the warriors' pride is obvious from the decor, the staff to the customers. >> go warriors. >> standing room only. >> reporter: she expecting a couple -- he is expecting a couple hundred people tomorrow for game 7. just take a look. at the crowd yesterday when the warriors defeated the thunder.
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>> funnest time of the year. >> reporter: the more the warriors win the more you win. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the booming business in part because of how much it will cost to buy tickets for tomorrow's game. tickets went on sale today at $400 a ticket for the nose bleed sections. court side, 6 grand and it will cost 32,000 for vip court side seats. >> it is playoffs. >> reporter: you are polk with that -- you are okay with that? >> absolutely. >> reporter: any seat the best seat especially if the warriors win. >> jurist like great time to be a warrior fan in the bay area. >> reporter: all right. espn reports tickets sold out within 5 minutes of going
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online. tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> thank you. over the course of history in game 7 of the nba playoffs the home team has won 100 times. and there have been only 24 home team losses. b.a.r.t. will reopen tracks earlier than expected because of tomorrow's warriors game. the tracks were scheduled to open on tuesday morning but now they will open at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. bus bridges remain in effect. the fifth and final closure. b.a.r.t. says the work will make the ride safer and quitter. shark's nans are getting -- fans are getting pumped up but one couple wasn't expecting the team to get this far. their wedding is next weekend when the sharks return to san jose. >> kind of crazy. also the year we are getting
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married and he has to miss the first game of the stanley cup because we are getting married -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the first two games will be in pittsburgh. mayors calling for new surveillance cameras following a rash of freeway shootings. 20 since november. and now they are asking the governor for help. kpix 5's anne makovec has the story. >> reporter: on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year there is more to worry about than drunk drivers. travelers are concerned about being shot. >> people are upset. concerned about their safety. >> reporter: two mayors spoke on kpix 5 sunday morning about their plan to get the state to install security cameras. there have been 15 shootings along i-80. 5 on highway 4. four on five 80 and three along 880. the most recent happened tuesday night on interstate 80.
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one person was injured. >> it is gang related. those victims are targeted. >> reporter: innocent drivers are paying a price. >> the loss of a freeway, i know people who are not using the freeway at all. >> reporter: five mayors sent the governor a letter saying the shootings reached a crisis requesting state funds to install cameras with the capability of installing license plates. >> the technology is cheap. it is the labor of storing it and viewing it and using it. that is where the costs are. >> the cost has not yet been determined. the meeting is set for monday, june 6. anne makovec, kpix 5. there have been five arrests since february of gang members who authorities say were responsible for multiple shootings. a swimmer in southern
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california bitten by great white shark at the beach. the woman was off the coast when she was attacked. a rescue boat reached the woman after 4:00 p.m. a two mile stretch of the beach was closed. the woman suffered large bite marks but is expected to survive. orange county a puppy is in critical condition after being attacked by a swarm of african american bees. kpixhas the story. >> reporter: she is quite the explorer but hasn't been herself. she recovering from a serious bee attack. >> hundreds and hundreds. >> reporter: the owner ran into the backyard to rescue her but he was overcome by the bees too. >> keep attacking you. >> reporter: finally a neighbor used a suit to get her out of danger. they rushed there the hospital
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where the veteran took out 155 stingers. >> they said her kidney started to fail and stung her in her eyes and her eyes were swollen shut. had they been little kids it could have been worse. we love her like a member of the family. >> reporter: they think they came from this bee hive that they didn't know existed and wish they had a warning. no one answered the door at the house but another bee keeper told us it is hard to know where they came from. with that number of stings they were most likely african americanized honeybees. it is also illegal to keep the bees. the family hopes some good will come from what happened to her. >> to prevent it from happening to anybody else. i am happy she is alive and getting well. that is all i care about.
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coming up, heavy rain triggers massive flooding across texas. the latest on the search for those who have gone missing and a bay area veteran celebrates her 100th birthday. >> and a child trapped in a guerilla exhibit. how officials were able to save the little boy and the pressure is on, the temperatures are up, and the forecast is up as well after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the boy who got caught ie caught in the gorilla habitt
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the cincinnati zoo.. he was dragged through the water ba 400-pound video released the of boy who got caught in a guerilla habitat that cincinnati zoo. he was dragged through the enclosure by a 400-pound guerilla. >> reporter: cell phone video show a four-year-old boy in the guerilla mote. the boy got through a barrier and fell 10 feet into the stream. that is when a 17-year-old engaged guerilla approached the boy. it looks like she being protective and then the behavior turns threatening. >> the guerilla has the child. dragging him around. >> reporter: officials removed two female guerilla. zoo president said the guerilla
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became violent. >> seemed by our team to be a life threatening situation. >> the zoo says the team chose not to tranquilize because the animal was agitated and it would have taken too long to sedate him. >> we don't want to be in a situation where they have to be killed. >> reporter: activist created online petitions and facebook pages. many angry the guerilla was put down. others want the boy's mother to face child endangerment charges. cbs news new york. >> activists created the petition and facebook page to save the guerilla and they want the mother to face charges but nothing has been filed yet. donald trump appeared before thousands of motorcyclists in washington, d.c. for the rolling thunder rally. it brings bikers from across the country and around the world to honor veterans.
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donald trump voiced his frustration over the level of care the government provides for illegal immigrants. those resources are taken away from veterans. >> we have to take care of our veterans and illegal immigrants are taking take -- taken much better care of than our veterans. that is not going to happen. okay? it is not going to happen. we are not going to allow that to happen any longer. bernie sanders will be in the bay area this week. he will appear in oakland and emeryville, santa cruz and monterey and on wednesday in palo alto. in houston two officers wounded in a shoot out have been released from the hospital. there were two armed suspects shooting at each other. one shot and killed the other and then he was shot by police.
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another victim was shot and killedind a car. the gun -- killed inside a car. six people were injured. police are investigating the motive. six people are dead in texas due to flooding. the rain stopped but in some areas floodwaters continue to rise. submerging cars and stranding drivers. rivers could reach record levels in the next few days, prompting evacuations. a 21-year-old posted this picture from inside his truck on facebook with the caption all i wanted to do was go home. one witness saw him struggling. >> he got out, got on top of his truck, and then got back in his truck. 10, 15 minutes after he was in his truck it flipped. >> reporter: officials confirm that one of the bodies they recovered was mitchell's.
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in the weather department looking at clear skies around the bay area tonight. clear and brisk. near the shoreline. 54 in san francisco right now. elsewhere, 63 concord. oakland 56 degrees. livermore it is 60. santa rosa 52. coast line cool as we head into memorial day and beyond. inland hot. high pressure builds over the west coast. you can see that out here. low pressure off southern california. with the high pressure, winds, as you can see on future cast, forecast of what the sky conditions will look like tomorrow. at the shoreline clear skies, chilly coast, warm inland. 90 degrees tomorrow inland. that will stay that way all
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week long. cooling next sunday. in the meantime expect to swelter in the east bay. especially if you go far enough east, 100 degrees in redding. 99 sacramento. 97 degrees for fresno. tonight 50s for the bay area. 53 santa rosa. 58 fairfield. same for livermore. san jose 59 degrees. sun comes up at 10 minutes before 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then temperatures as warm as 12 degrees above average in concord. 88 degrees tomorrow in the city. oakland 76 degrees. south bay, the numbers in the low 80s. sunshine there. sky line to the shoreline and 62 degrees at ham moon bay. east bay tomorrow nice with temperatures in the mid-80s. pleasant for memorial day. sun. warmer. north bay looks good. shoreline 60s. 80s for novato and san rafael.
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santa rosa 85 tomorrow. lake port low 90s tomorrow. tomorrow, memorial day, warm inland and temperatures in the mid-60s along the shoreline. a cool coast, warm inland and not much changing between now and friday. sunday cooling coming in. rain coming in. doesn't look like it will happen. coming up, a northern california native rines the indy -- wins the indy 500 and a milestone for a bay area veteran, how she is celebrating her 100th birthday. >> game day after the newscast, we look inside the warriors and the oklahoma city thunder. we will get you ready with espn, and he will have a prediction for monday night. >> i think i might take the thunder?
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>> i don't know. people have to watch. >> that is straight ahead. coming up. you can get it on game day after the new zealand cast. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and their in honor of memorial day the crew of the uss san francisco was remembered today. world war ii veterans and their families gathered today. best known for itbattle against
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the japanese on the beaches. it is one of the most decorated battle ships of world war ii. one last day to visit the memorial wall. that will be up through memorial day to honor the 80,000 sodiers who are still missing. there will be a fly over and a barbecue and talks from war survivors to pay respect to fallen soldiers. one woman will celebrate a special birthday tomorrow. this memorial day she will turn 100 years old. during world war ii she flew military aircraft in the united states. the group of 1,000 female pilots were called wasps. they performed every task men in the air force did. their service freed up men to serve in active combat. [ indiscernible ] >> you were never scared?
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[ indiscernible ] >> in the 1970s the wasp petitioned congress to giver them full veterans benefits and they won. sights and sounds today for the 38th annual carnival. a memorial day weekend tradition, people dancing. food, art and music. still ahead a huge accomplish front a rookie racer. we have more on his indy 500 win. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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alexander rossi managed to n the 100th running of the competition today. this was his first time racing ie old is a major win that indy 500, alexander rossi, this was his first time racing in the indy 500. the 24-year-old is from aburn. his home town neighbors were over joyed by his win. >> we were just going crazy. crying. >> totally excited. >> coming up on game day we will have an interview with the rookie winner of the indy 500. the world's highest marathon, 150 runners took part
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today. the trail starts from the space camp and ends 2,000 meters below. the atmosphere contains only half as much oxygen as sea level. leaving runners short on breath. >> could you do that? >> no. [ laughter ] >> no. we will be right back. >> yes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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